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In The News: Congratulations to our own Randy Neumann, who has been elected to the IBF Board as Tresurer.

OCTOBER 12, 2015
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L-R: Eddie Cotton, Randy Neumann, Bruce Seldon, Steve Smoger, Mark Breland, Livingstone Bramble, Gerry Cooney, Gus Williams, Junior Jones, Paul Vegliante, Ms. Witherspoon, Tim Witherspoon, Randy Gordon, Ray Mercer, Ed Post, Earl Brown.

AAIB, Inc.
Dedicated to Boxing… and All It Can Be

Dedicated to Boxing and All It Can Be is not just a slogan but, the foundation of the American Association for the Improvement of Boxing, Inc. Since it was founded by Rocky Marciano and Stephen B. Acunto, the organization, which will turn forty this year, continues to advocate its concern regarding medical safety, administrative competency and financial accountability for the professional fighter. We expend serious time and effort regarding the problems in the ring game and how they can be resolved by researching issues and taking positions concerning the sport of boxing.

We continue to have doctors, referees and other officials conduct clinics for our amateur boxers and people that want to work in an official capacity in boxing.

Our organization is represented in several states, including Washington, D.C. as an advocate of the sport. Over the decades there have been world-wide publicized injuries and fatalities. While we have witnessed some marked improvement in respect to medical safety in certain commissions, they will do absolutely no good unless mandatory standardization of physical examinations takes place in all 50 states.

While the McCain and Ali bills have been passed, they will not help the fighter unless they are enforced. A physician present at ringside, acting in accordance with the appropriate medical standards as put forth by the American Association of Professional Ringside Physicians, should have the power, if necessary, to examine fighters during a match and if essential, direct the referee to stop the bout if either boxer is unable to defend himself or herself. Also, a doctor’s judgment in stoppage of a fight should be applied if he or she thinks that the fighter could suffer serious and potentially permanent physical damage. Frankly, and for far too long, doctors, who are officials of the State Athletic Commissions, have not been able to function to full capacity. Doctors should determine when a fighter should terminate his career in the ring, too.

If tests, such as CAT scans and MRI’s deduce that a fighter has any indication of a problematic head injury, then he or she should not be allowed to continue to box.

Purposes of The American Association for the Improvement of Boxing, Inc

  • Advocates the uniformity of regulatory standards throughout the states and cooperating in the advancement of a federal boxing commission.
  • Publicizes and disseminates information pertaining to all areas of boxing designed toward the improvement of the sport.
  • Promotes the acceptance of boxing by community organizations and the adoptions of boxing into the physical education curriculum at all levels of public and private education.
  • Propagandizes the merits of boxing as a science and art, body developer and conditioner.
  • Examines the nature of any and all existing unfavorable influences in boxing and advancing recommendations.
  • Documenting data in conjunction with the improvement of boxing.




The “Champions Guide” has been distributed to the Hispanic Community of fighters through the local gyms and trainers. The AAIB hopes that this learning tool will help teach both the art and science of the ring game to all students of boxing, especially the youngsters.

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Rocky Marciano   Stephen B. Acunto

Rocky Marciano & Stephen B. Acunto