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The American Association for the Improvement of Boxing, Inc. (the "AAIB") awards scholarships to help current or former amateur boxers attend college. The AAIB has increased both the amount and the number of scholarships over the past few years. The goal is to assist each scholarship winner with tuition expenses and associated educational expenses, such as books.

The need for a scholarship for boxers is unique. A variety of private, governmental, and institutional sources in this country already provide aid based on academics, financial need, and athletics. Athletes who excel in many sports, such as basketball and football, often receive scholarships due to the college's support of that particular sport. However, there are very few collegiate boxing programs in this country, and they tend to be at elite schools. Therefore, there is little, if any, financial assistance for the stand-out amateur boxer who wants to attend college. As a result, despite being an amateur boxer who excels in his or her craft, a scholarship is virtually unattainable and the boxer is without any financial assistance.


2012 winner Susan Jugo shares her experience with the AAIB Scholarship program.


The AAIB scholarship is awarded annually to a High School Senior who has accepted by an accredtied College or University and is based on the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be a current or former amateur boxer in the United States who has been accepted by a bona fide college or university.

  • The students must sign a waiver authorizing the school to release records to be reviewed by the scholarship committee.

  • The individuals will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • a. Athletics: Awards, honors, or achievements in the area of athletics.

    b. Academics: Awards, honors, or achievements in the area of academics.

    c. Community Involvement: Services performed for charitable or other community organizations

For student who have to work after school,because of family circumstances, consideration is given to the amount of time that could be spent on Community Service.
The winner is determined by the members of the Scholarship Committee and their Chairperson, after a careful review of all the applications.
It should also be noted that only applicants who have been nominated by a current paid member are eligible for consideration, an all information on potential winners is checked with the high school guidance office of the applicant.


Print this application, and mail along with any other relevant information on the student by the DEADLINE of AUGUST 1, 2015 to this address:

The American Association for the Improvement of Boxing, Inc. (AAIB)
c/o Scholarship Committee
86 Fletcher Avenue
Mount Vernon, NY 10552-3319

For questions, call the AAIB at (914) 664-4571

AAIB Past Scholarship Winners

The AAIB scholarship is awarded annually to a High School Senior who has accepted by an accredtied College or University.The following is a listing of the past scholarship winners throughout the AAIB history:
Boxerama XXX 2014 winners:
Walter Sarnoi, Barbara Greely, Susan Jugo, Donnielle Minor, Tahree Carroll & Luis Feliciano
Boxerama XXIX 2013 winners:
Walter Sarnoi, Alexus Holbert, Barbara Greely, Susan Jugo & Nicholas Celikbas
Boxerama XXVIII 2012 winners:
Susan Jugo, Yasmin Dweik & Barbara Greely
Boxerama XXVII 2011 winners:
Matt Lombardi & Andre Henry
Boxerama XXVI 2010 winner:
James Kelly
Boxerama XXV 2009 winners:
Maria Scalesi, Tabatha Younger & Skaka Davidson
Boxerama XXIV 2008 winner:
James Kelly
Boxerama XXIII 2006 winners:
Nicole Burrowes & Joshua DiPaola
Boxerama XXII 2003 winners:
Jessica Mickiewicz
Boxerama XXI 2001 winners:
Ashley Flynn, Anthony Dedousis & Wendy Ennis
Boxerama XX 2000 winners:
Mark Ennis, Amanda Lynn Moore & Andy Olodipo
Boxerama XIX 1999 winners:
Christian Mariano & Dion Demetropoulos
Boxerama XVIII 1998 winners:
Lindsey Carlin, Aimee Hernandez Colon & Amanda Claypool
Boxerama XVII 1997 winners:
Dean Galitsis, Despina Solias & Jason Young
Boxerama XVI 1996 winners:
Melanie Stockburger & Dominic Dolce
Boxerama XV 1995 winners:
Nicholas Carone & Gina Bonante
Boxerama XIV 1994 winners:
Ryan Keating & Loretta Markevics
Boxerama XIII 1993 winners:
Charles Kyte & Marc Lopez